8 Things That Every Couple Would Relate To On Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth- a deeply ethnic rooted Indian festival that enhances and highlights the pious relationship between a husband and wife. The day-long fasting, ethnic clothing like lehenga and sherwani, the Karwa Chauth sargi ritual and much more comprises the beauty of this festival. This beautiful festival reflects the dedication of a wife for her husband and the care and affection the husband reciprocates for her sweetheart. Besides the underlying meaning of this thoughtful festival. The festival also happens to enhance the love and care between a married couple. This is what such a festival makes an impact on relationships. There are a number of things that only couples can relate to on Karwa Chauth. Let’s dive into the article to know what these common things are. 

  • Preconceived Ecstasy On Celebrating Karwa Chauth:

Well, be it dressing, gifts or any other aspect, a man and a woman will happen to make the notons in advance as to how they would like to celebrate their Karwa Chauth. 

  • The Fasting Blues:

So, no matter how dearly and dedicatedly the wife or the husband is keeping the fast for their beloved one, the hunger pangs are quite a thing to deal with. 

  • The Dolling Up Game:

Keeping all the rituals and deeply rooted meaning of this auspicious festival aside, this festival is just another excuse for all the women to doll up themselves. From getting a pampering session from their husbands to wearing their favorite outfit on the day, every Indian woman gets excited to doll up themselves on Karwa Chauth festivity. So, get amazing online karwa chauth gifts for your wife as it will be just like icing on the cake. 

  • The Game Of Gender Equality:

Well, another aspect of this festival is that it leaves you in a tight spot. If your wife is keeping a fast for you, she would definitely expect you for the same. However, te bludd game here is she will not ask you to keep a fast for her, rather, she will leave it to your discreed. So, if your wife happens to believe in this game, make sure you do come up with all her expectations.  

  • The Dinner Delight:

So, a day long of the fasting and you both are dealing with the hunger pangs already, it is time you both hop onto some craving pleasing delicacies. Be it pizza, pasta or burger, just get whatever you and your partner wishes to have since a happy belly leads to a happy ending of everything. 

  • Moonlight Wait Feels The Longest Wait:

So, this scenario here happens with everyone. You are already starving and could not get food items off your mind, and you are just waiting for the moon to show up. Believe me, it’s the longest wait that anyone could ever have felt in their lifetime. 

  • The Unwelcomed Mood Swings:

Obviously when you both are hungry and starving, there is a very high possibility that mood swing would become your next challenge. Many people often end up fighting with one another and laughing it off after filling their bellies with their favorite food. It is just the hunger that makes you snap on your partner that gets reciprocated by their hunger as well. So, any argument on Karwa Chauth day, should not let any gap between you two to crawl in.So, the better way to not get into any argument would be laughing off the situation. 

  • The Excitement For Gifts:

So, obviously no one keeps fast to get a gift from their partner, but it just feels good when your partner does bring you a gift especially if you are fasting for him. So, many women tend to slip hints and gift ideas onto their husband’s mind and just wish to get the expected gout on the Karwa Chauth. 

So, this Karwa Chauth, get related to these facts and figures and make your sweetheart feel all loved and appreciated. This festival does hold a significant place in the lives of Indian couples. It happens to enhance your love and bonding between your partner. So, get a wonderful gift, go for a delightful dinner and make the evening more romantic for your darling.

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