Creativity at Its Finest: Designer Fabrics

A lot of homeowners love to visit fabric stores because they enjoy seeing upholstery and a fabric collection with various designs, materials, shapes, and patterns. If you are about to visit one, make sure to consider several factors before making a purchase decision. If you want to achieve a creative living space, you might want to use designer fabrics for your cushions, chairs, tables, and other furniture items.

One of the many factors to consider is weight and drape because not all of them work well in different situations. For instance, you must use linen if you will create a summer dress instead of cotton because the former is lighter while the latter is more suitable in manufacturing curtains and duvet covers. In this article, you will discover some of the best designer fabrics. Additionally, you will have a deeper understanding of why they are the most sought-after fabrics today.

Why are designer fabrics popular?

Designer fabrics are very popular nowadays despite their extremely high prices because they are made from high-end fibers and manufactured using an impressive weaving and finishing process. Most companies manufacturing them employ the latest technological innovations and tools to create vast yet unique designs.

They combine them with the traditional process to ensure that their fabrics are still a reflection of their rich heritage. Aside from that, they are often made from natural materials including silk, pure cotton, and merino wool which means that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Designer fabrics are unique and extraordinary which means that you can’t easily find them in any fabric store. They usually feature designs that can speak of a strong personality. Lastly, they are luxurious enough that you can see them being endorsed by celebrities and other famous personalities. They are utilized by top world designers and featured by fashion icons on their social media platforms. You can never go wrong with them because they look trendy at all times.

Best designer fabrics offered by Yorkshire Fabric Shop

1.    Colony 30

Colony 30 features a colony jungle leaves pattern with a velveteen black background. It is one of the best fabric options if you are looking for something that will suit your Japanese styled house. It is composed of 10% polyester with a fabric weight of 220 grams per linear meter. For the width, it measures 135 cm. You can choose to add several treatments including flame retardancy,  soil and stain resistance, and waterproofing but they entail costs. Before purchasing in bulk, you might want to consider requesting a fabric sample so that you can personally check if it will work in your living area.

2.    JO-237

The JO-237 is under the Le triangle collection with a very soft feel made possible by its chenille upholstery fabric. It comes with a geometric diamond pattern with white, pink, and teal colors. The material used to create it is composed of cotton, polyester, and viscose which ensures that it is high-quality, durable, and comfortable. If you are residing in the United Kingdom, you may visit the store personally but if you want it to be delivered to you, you may avail of the UK delivery but with an additional surcharge.

3.    CTR-287

The CTR-287 is dominated by red color with an interesting and appealing design. It features an opera kilim Aztec pattern that is rarely manufactured by other fabric stores because of the expensive and difficult process. It is made from chenille fabric composed of acrylic, polyester, and cotton. It underwent a rub test before it became available for sale.

The results show that it will last for a long time as the wear and tear were visible only after 20 000 rubs. If you want to slow down the combustion of this fabric, make sure to avail yourself of the flame retardancy treatment. Even though it will be an additional cost, it will be worth it because you will be reducing the possibility that it will catch fire.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the reasons why designer fabrics are popular, you are probably thinking of buying one for your home. They will be great purchases because they can increase the value of your home. Get the three designer fabrics listed above now while the supply lasts! 

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