Madhubani Wall Paintings- A Unique Method to Give Traditional Look to Your House!

A Decorative house or office always leaves a positive and amazing impact. After adding unique and different tools/home appliances, you can give an additional look to your decoration. Some people like to go with fashionable tools while some want realistic beauty and texture. There are several arts available for the decoration of your house or workplace. One of them is Madhubani paintings!

It is the best and popular art that can give a traditional touch to your decoration. In Northern India, Madhubani paintings are famous and this art comes from different generations. The main purpose of these arts is to provide beautiful designs of nature, mythology, and folk themes. Unlike other paintings, Madhubani paintings are beautiful and awesome to decorate your walls.

What is Exactly Madhubani Paintings?

Commonly, Madhubani paintings are also known as Mithila Art. These wall arts belong to India (Northern). These paintings were specially designed in the region of Mithila in Northern India. Here are some special features/characteristics of Madhubani arts:

  • The artists give a vibrant look with vigorous colors, contrasts, patterns, and themes. Usually, artists fill the line of the drawing with attractive colors.
  • Mostly Madhubani arts are significantly done by Women of the region of Mithila. Mithila region includes Madhubani, Darbhanga, and other nearby areas.
  • Artists especially designed the beauty and art of the village through these wall arts. In India, the demand for Madhubani paintings is high because of traditional arts.
  • You can use Madhubani paintings/arts for decoration, tribal motifs, and dazzling earthy colors. You can bring a traditional touch to your office/room.
  • First of all, the artists formulate these arts on the mud or other plastered surface. Due to advanced technology and demand, this type of artwork can be drawn on canvas, cloth, paper, etc.

Different Types of Madhubani Arts!

Undoubtedly, there are lots of Madhubani arts in several forms to decorate your house. The artists provide the beauty of each part of the Mithila region. You can get Madhubani paintings along with mythology, folk themes, and nature.

If you want to go with a mythology theme then you will get several religious Madhubani arts. You can bring prosperity and peace through:

  • Madhubani painting of Ganesha
  • Madhubani painting of Radha Krishna
  • Modern Madhubani painting
  • Traditional Madhubani painting

Along with nature theme, you can also get different Madhubani arts like:

  • Madhubani Painting of an elephant
  • Madhubani Painting of a peacock
  • Madhubani Painting of a tree

Based on the Madhubani folk theme, you can get the Madhubani art of king, queen, or the village life of the Mithila region. You can choose any of the designs according to your choice/taste.

How can you select the Best Madhubani Paintings?

A variety of Madhubani paintings can make you confused. It may be tough to select suitable wall art for your wall. Here are some important tips that can help you in this context:

  • Space: – Locate a suitable space in your workplace or house. A suitable place should be detectable so that guests can be attracted to the Madhubani art. You can also choose your living room, bedroom, dining room, and bedroom. Otherwise, choose your favorite place.
  • Length & Width: – Now, it’s time to measure the length and width of the area where you exactly want to hang the paintings. Make sure that the measurement should be correct so that you can choose the perfect wall art.
  • Themes: – We already mentioned above the three themes of Madhubani art like mythology, nature, and folk. So, as per your taste, you can choose the best and & suitable Madhubani art for your house/office. However, you can also choose all of them to hang separately at different locations of your house.
  • Color: – Before ordering the painting, it is very important to choose the best color for your decoration. Several colors are available like blue, red, black and white and much more. Make sure that color should be according to the contrast of the walls.
  • Buy/Purchase: – After deciding the above things, purchase your favorite product. If price matters for you then check it before making an order. Avail of exciting offers (if available) and then get it at your doorstep.

Where to get Madhubani Wall Paintings?

If you want to add different and attractive things to your living room, hall, bedroom, etc then you can find several options on DecoreMantra. Usually, Madhubani paintings are easily available at DecoreMantra ( Get this artwork at your home by filling in essential details of your address.

Conclusion When it comes to providing a traditional look to your house then you should go with the folk theme of Madhubani paintings. At DecoreMantra, you can get several options of Madhubani paintings as per your desire. Additionally, you can also get panoramic, landscape, religious, vertical, abstract, wildlife, nature, etc. of the Madhubani paintings. All of these are affordable and easy to hang on the wall.

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