React Web Development – Live Examples Defining Its Worth

In the tech world, when someone discusses the robust technologies of JavaScript, ReactJS comes at the top of the list. 

The popular JavaScript-based open-source library takes pride in developing excellent user interfaces. And the fact that the community at Facebook backs ReactJS-based development takes its credibility up a notch. 

Entrepreneurs and companies worldwide prefer to hire dedicated reactjs developers to build their projects in robust technology. 

In fact, its popularity is so vast that even the tech giants couldn’t refrain from involving the technology in their tech stack. 

However, when it comes to choosing a technology for our own project, being sceptical is expected. 

If you, too, are in the dilemma of whether or not you should choose ReactJS for your project, this is the right article for you! 

We have amalgamated a list of popular companies using ReactJS for their applications and are also obtaining unignorable benefits. 

However, before we move ahead, let’s analyze some essential ReactJS statistics: 

  • ReactJS was the second most used web development framework in the year 2020, with a global usage of 35.9% 
  • Currently, more than 7.4 million live websites use ReactJS
  • It showcases 174k stars on GitHub
  • 68.9% of developers chose ReactJS in 2020, making it the second most loved technology. 

Benefits of Choosing ReactJS: 

Choosing ReactJS invites a lot of benefits to an entrepreneur, some of which we have outlined below. Let’s have a look at the brilliant benefits of ReactJS: 

  • Intuitiveness: 

If you analyze React-based websites, you can efficiently detect the intuitive architecture they showcase. This architecture allows the flexible implementation of features via virtual DOM. Meaning it can not just be built anywhere but can also be integrated anywhere. Such a flexible model saves developers a lot of time and provides entrepreneurs with better time to market. 

  • Community-driven: 

Another significant advantage of ReactJS is the robust community base it enjoys. The community is beneficial for both entrepreneurs and developers to communicate, solve queries and constantly update the technology. 

Entrepreneurs can even use this large community to hire dedicated react js developers for their projects. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: 

Saving business costs while maintaining quality is the smartest thing an entrepreneur can do. Well, ReactJS brings this intelligence with itself. ReactJS enables faster development while offering an affordable approach. 

Now that we have outlined the benefits you will receive, let’s look at the living proof of ReactJS’s capabilities. 

Below mentioned are some of the biggest names in the market that use ReactJS for their applications: 

  • Facebook: 

A software engineer at Facebook created ReactJS. Since then, the tech giant has maintained it, even though it is open-source. Since it originated on Facebook, it would be weird if it doesn’t use it while others do. 

Integration of ReactJS allows developers to minimize the time-taking tasks. For example, when a user likes or comments on a post, the whole page has to be reloaded to display the changes. However, developers can bypass this with partial reload and contribute to the responsiveness of the website. 

  • Netflix: 

Another excellent example of a ReactJS website is Netflix. It is so powerful that every steaming application begins by cloning the website to test out its functionalities. This is how big React has taken the development of this streaming platform. 

The popular application utilizes ReactJS for server-side rendering of web pages. This is done by prefetching the React to carry out the signup flow. 

The process offers a performance boost to the application. 

The above statements are reason enough why it is wise to hire reactjs developers if you wish to develop a streaming application for your users.  

  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): 

BBC is popular and credible information broadcasting organization functioning worldwide. An incredible aspect of the digital version of this corporation is that its application is built with ReactJS. 

The BBC migrated its website to React in 2015. Since then, it has been committed to the technology, thanks to its incredible features. Its React-based application known as Simorghand is a single page application built as a rendering platform. 

The platform is built to function well even in lower-end phones, support various languages, support accessibility technologies, support accelerated mobile pages, and handle massive traffic. 

Simorgh currently powers the BBC story pages, front page, photo gallery, articles, media asset page, and many others. 

  • Asana:

Another website established on the list of top react websites is Asana. The primary aspect of Asana switching to ReactJS was that they required software development that could boost the coder’s development efficiency. 

Their First Experience (FX) team had a hard time choosing between Luna and ReactJS. However, they went with the latter since the goal was to deliver maximum user experience in the initial few seconds of the user’s arrival. 

Since 2014, Asana has used ReactJS and TypeScript for their front-end, thanks to the combination’s high-end stability and performance. 


Getting doubts is common for an entrepreneur. Of course, you should analyze all your decisions before setting your mind on one. After all, it is your application, your future. 

You must have heard of the phrase “confusion is the welcome mat of creativity.”

But the process is confusion → clarity → creativity. 
Therefore, with this write-up, we intend to pave the way to creativity by providing you with some clarity on why it is best to choose ReactJS development for your application. Now that things are clear to you. Get to the next step and hire react js developers and start with your app development process now. 

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