Ten Habits Every Defence Aspirant Should Have

We all admire aspirants who are able to crack defence exams in the first attempt. You must be eager to know their daily-routine. Do you want to know the secret to their success saga? They have inculcated some good habits in themselves that help them prepare perfectly for the exam. Only their habits have set them apart from the league. You can also do the same, if you have zeal to crack the defence exam. Note that defence exams are not like other government exams. It is crucial to put in sincere efforts to prepare for written exams as well as painstaking SSB interviews. Implanting good habits will not only help you to crack the exam, but also help you conduct missions after entering defence forces. 

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Read the following ten habits that can help every defence aspirant to clear the exam:

Being a defence aspirant, you should be cognizant of good habits that can help you crack the exam easily. 

  1. Love to learn new things

You need to develop love towards learning new things. It can help you grasp new concepts easily. Also, you’ll be able to understand the toughest things easily. As a result, you’ll be able to complete the exam syllabus on time. Moreover, when you start loving your subjects, your preparation period can become interesting. 

  1. Write while learning

When you write while learning, it can help you memorize concepts very easily. Additionally, you can easily make notes this way. It is advisable to read the chapter thoroughly, then write in your language. Also, try to write your notes in a simple language. Don’t forget to highlight important terms and definitions in your notes. In the end, you can refer to these notes to revise important concepts. 

  1. Focus on understanding

For sure, cramming is not going to help you crack the defence exams. So, try to understand the concept at first, then try to memorize it. When you have in-depth knowledge of every concept, it can become easy for you to solve tricky questions. If you are unable to understand a topic on your own, seek help from a source. Candidates preparing for the AFCAT exam, can approach a leading institute that offers AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

  1. Punctual

Punctuality is a must quality that every defence aspirant should have. Procrastination will never help you to complete your exam syllabus on time. So, be determined and adhere to your study plan. Candidates who are able to complete exam syllabus on time stay away from stress and pressure of exam. Moreover, they are able to perform excellently in the defence exams. 

  1. Avoid last minute rush

Candidates who are unable to complete exam syllabus on time, try to cram everything a few days before exam date. Try not to be among them. This habit will never help you perform better in the exam. So, try to plan properly and start your preparations. Instead of cramming a day before defence exam, try to relax yourself. Also, avoid learning new concepts a day before the exam. It will never help. 

  1. Do one task at a time

Our brain is programmed to focus on a single task at a time. If you try to focus on different tasks at a time, you won’t be able to give your 100%. So, make sure you are doing a single task at a time. Furthermore, doing several tasks at a time will only create chaos and give you stress. Therefore, it is essential to focus on one task at a time. You can study properly and without confusion. 

  1. Assess yourself regularly

Don’t focus on learning only. You need to assess yourself regularly by giving mock tests. Download mock tests from any website and spare some time daily to solve it. It’ll help you know where you need improvements. Also, you’ll be able to increase your speed of solving questions in the exam. 

  1. Sleep for ideal hours

Never underestimate the power of 7 hours of zzz’s every night. Having sound sleep can help you stay healthy. Also, it will sharpen your focus and improve your memory to prepare for the exam. You can also take naps in your short break to relax your mind. 

  1. Follow healthy routine

As a defence aspirant, it is mandatory for you to follow a healthy routine. Don’t forget, you have to clear various physical efficiency tests apart from written exams. So, start your day with vigorous exercise and eat a nutritious diet during the day. Try to avoid junk food. Instead of drinking coffee/tea in a day, drink 8 glasses of water to keep yourself active for the whole day. 

  1.  Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can help you get rid of stress and anxiety of exams. You just need to spare at least 10 minutes in a day. Usually, people do yoga and meditation to practice mindfulness. Doing this can benefit aspirants of defence exams.

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Ingraining these habits can help every defence aspirant while preparing for the exam. If you have set your aim to enter defence forces, try to develop these habits in yourself. 

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