The Smart Way to Mobile App Development – Best Software 2021

Mobile applications have become a significant part of our routine; from counting the glasses of water we drink; to setting the goal for steps we need to walk, there’s an application for everything, even meagre tasks. 

This makes one thing evident, the market for mobile applications is rapidly growing. Therefore, it is advantageous for product owners to step into the mobile app development market and gain user traction towards their business via the digital mode.

This is why every mobile apps development company is focused on finding ways to quicken and align the development process to develop an application centred around the likes and dislikes of the audience base. 

Here’s where mobile app software comes into play. This software makes it easy for companies and entrepreneurs to develop hybrid, native and web applications. 

We’ve amalgamated a list of prominent companies’ top 5 mobile app development software to make the mobile app development process better and more comfortable. You, too, can use these technologies and quicken your development process while building a robust product. 

Here are the top 5 mobile app development software: 

  • Appy Pie: 

Appy Pie is a no-code software. This means you can develop your application without coding at all! It comes with an array of tools and options that allows the creation of your desired application. 

Creating an application with Appy Pie is quite simple; all you have to do is choose s design, customize it, add on your favourite features and publish it on Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

The interface consists of easy drag and drop functionalities that allow you to integrate features such as AI, VR, AR chatbots and much more. 

  • Zoho Creator:

Zoho Creator is an app building platform that allows you to build an app from scratch or use an existing one. 

The software is aimed at optimizing business and management tasks via app creation. An entrepreneur can develop an application to automate and simplify tasks, creating features for sales, event management, logistics, order management, recruitment tracking and much more. 

What’s more? Whatever you choose to build can be customized as per your liking. The Zoho Creator offers a drag and drops editor to develop your application using just one dashboard. 

  • Appian:

Appian is based on the “low code” concept of mobile app development. As per their advertising, a low code application with Appian takes about eight weeks to develop fully – from idea to final development. 

The focus of the Appian software is to develop enterprise-level applications for businesses efficiently. In fact, as a mobile application development company, we can say that Appian is good enough to optimize and automate the processes and AI to offer a meaningful presentation of company data. 

Moreover, Appian orchestrates data from various sources and unifies it to provide a deeper insight on all aspects, be it management processes, operations or workflow. 

Development with Appian is simple; all a business owner or a developer has to do is use its visual editor to choose the desired functions and path for data routing. It is vital to turn complex operations into simple tasks, therefore, intelligently managing the data.

  • AppSheet:

AppSheet is another widely used platform that allows you to create custom applications for your business without having to code at all. 

Before you start with the deployment of your application, you can choose a suitable template from many options and work around your desired features and options. The cloud-hosted data in a spreadsheet drive the tool. 

The software makes it easy to integrate data from various sources, be it Google sheets or forms, SalesForce or Excel from Microsoft. Also, it is possible to import sheets saved at OneDrive or Dropbox, or from SQL or MySQL server, directly.

What’s more? AppSheet allows you to integrate features such as maps and GPS, code scanning, image capture, charts, signature capture, and email notification. 


Appery is known as one of the most established app development providers there is. The platform offers its application builder so that companies can create their own apps. Although developing an application using the software is easy, thanks to its drag and drop functionality, you may still have to get help from a professional mobile apps development company since it requires using data sources from JavaScript and HTML5. 

The software aims to provide mobile app development with a brighter, quicker and cheaper way to make a mark in the market. The app development process with Appery might take as little as a week, during which the software would set up installation, integration, configuration, testing and training. 

In addition, it allows business owners to focus on extensibility, which makes it easy to modify the same application without taking up much valuable development time. 

What’s more? It is built on an open-source platform and can facilitate app development using the same base per needs. This reduces the need for replication when it comes to evolving apps. It also offers flexible development for enterprise-level applications by reducing the dependence of configurations on pre-existing settings by changing them.


Since developing a mobile application has become super important for all product owners, what has also become vital is to choose an efficient way to enter the market as soon as possible.

Therefore, the software mentioned above will help you develop your application in a short time, within your budget and while maintaining its efficiency. With this software, you get it all. 

However, as a mobile application development company, we suggest that you take professional help while working on any of the above. It is, of course, possible to develop an application using easy methods, but optimizing an application built with template-based tools might not be 100% efficient.

However, they’re good to give your business a kick start. So waste no time and start with your dream project! 

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