What is the stromal vascular fraction?

Stromal Vascular Fraction is a component in the lipoaspirate that results from liposuction. The waste product of liposuction, also known as cosmetic surgery, is called lipoaspirate. It contains a large number of stem cells. These stem cells are called adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs). They share many similarities with bone marrow stem cells, including the ability to multilineage differentiate.

A form of stem-cell therapy, SVF, is made up of stem cells taken from fat (adipose tissue) in our bodies. SVF cells can be obtained by liposuction. They contain many cell types including mesenchymal, endothelial, progenitor, leukocyte subtypes, and lymphatic cells. SVF cells are treated in a way that ensures a consistent and reproducible composition of heterogeneous cell types. After processing and administration, the adipose-derived SVF cells are capable of differentiation into various tissue types, supporting neovascularization and replacing cells. They can also be used to repair injuries. Although SVF is a popular option in recent years, DVC Stem found that cord tissue is better due to the many benefits it offers.

DVC Stem uses cord tissue-derived mesenchymal cells from cord tissue sourced from US-donated full-term human umbilical cords. Cord tissue is a more common source of stem cells than fat tissue and bone marrow, but there are many advantages to using it. Cord tissue-derived stem cells are in their purest form, and free from disease or aging. Stem cells age just like we age. Cells taken from patients are affected by their condition at the time they were extracted. Evidence suggests that stem cells taken from patients suffering from existing conditions could be used to reintroduce these symptoms. This risk is eliminated by cord tissue-derived stem cells. They are also readily available and in high supply. Additionally, they do not require any removals.


How can you determine the stromal fraction of the vascular system?

SVF cells can be obtained by liposuction. They contain many cell types including mesenchymal progenitor cells, endothelial and mesenchymal progenitor cells, and leukocyte subtypes.

What is the autologous derived Stromal Vascular Fraction?

The autologous, adipose-derived stromal vein fraction (ADSVF), is recognized as a readily accessible source of cells with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and regenerative properties.

What are adipose-stromal cells?

ASCs are a great cell type for regenerative medicine applications because they can be easily harvested from large amounts of adipose tissue. Numerous studies have shown that ASCs are capable of excellent proliferation, differentiation, as well as immunoregulatory capabilities.

What is adipose tissue storage?

The body’s fat (adipose tissue) is essential for good health. Adipose tissue, along with fat cells, contains many nerve cells and blood vessels. They store and release energy to fuel your body, and also release important hormones to support your body’s health.

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