What are the Top Rating and Review Tools? A 2021 Overview

The quality of the product depends upon its material. You have to make sure that only the finest raw materials make up your product. It helps you get the idea that it’s going to be an excellent choice to buy. However, you cannot trust blindly just by the looks of it. It would be best if you read what other buyers have to say about it. Read the reviews and see how the buyers’ star evaluations amplify and drop from 1 to 5 in the rating bar chart.

There are many product reviews and rating tools available online. These help consumers comprehend the product and service beforehand. Also, it assists the buyer in making the right choices for their purchase. For instance, American Web Coders and Sell Online Make Money reviews allow startups and companies their ideal eCommerce marketing service.  The appraisals given by buyers act as social proof, letting new buyers know which digital service is the best pick out of many available.

Furthermore, there are many benefits of ratings and review tools for brands as well. It helps them promote their product with a good outlook. They convey that they only sell high-quality products at competitive prices. Plus, they’re able to represent their brand’s personality effectively online. It also helps companies improve their Google rankings and win the trust of their potential customers.

1. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a great place to check customer’s reviews and ratings. It’s like choosing Google out of many search engines available out there. Also, users can upload mailing lists on it. They can even invite their clients for their feedback on this platform. In the same way, companies request their customers to review them on Trustpilot right after buying something from their website. Consequently, Google updates the review listings, allowing it to evaluate its SERPs brand positioning.

2. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is the great grandfather of eCommerce businesses, particularly when we talk about retail business. Jeff Bezos’s online platform is probably the oldest platform for checking buyer’s ratings and reviews for specific products numbering in millions. The buyer gives a rating to a product depending upon his experience. He either can give it an excellent (5-stars), good (4-stars), okay (3-stars), below average (2-stars), and bad (1-star) rating.

Furthermore, Amazon is a great tool to measure a brand’s authority. Amazon has a catalog of more than 12 million products purchased and reviewed daily by more than 3 million users.

3. Yelp

Yelp is a free-to-use platform for clients to rate businesses on a  1-to-5 rating scale. The best part is that any company can upload its profile without spending a single penny. Likewise, users can create their profiles, allowing them to review and comment about companies. It’s like an expert advising someone who wants to join a company. Besides, you can respond to people who have reviewed your business on Yelp. Make sure you act politely with them; the Yelpers community is a networking-compliant online social society.

4. Google My Business

The reviews that show up on the front page when you search for a company. Yes, these reviews are crucial to evaluate a company’s profile and performance in recent years. Google My Business uses the Pigeon algorithm update to help it to locate and check distance parameters for businesses. It allows Google to optimize local businesses for nearby employees searching for jobs in their vicinity. 

Google is the world’s famous and widely used search engine. It also controls more than 90% of search engine databases. As well, focuses on business reviews that are easy to reach in real-time. For example, a person in Saudi Arabia wants to join a software house in his city. He will search for digital companies on Google, only showing business with consumer ratings and reviews near him.

5. TestFreaks

Test Freaks is quite similar to Trustpilot. It’s a Swedish-based online platform for reviewing products and companies. Here several brands and companies pool together customer reviews and write them back a positive note. In other words, TestFreaks allow sellers to compliment buyers who trusted them to make their purchase on their websites. Another great tool on this platform is the “question and answer” feature. It’s where buyers can post their questions and get replies directly from the company’s customer care service team.

Some benefits of using TestFreaks for reviews and ratings are sundry. It has more than 100 million verified reviews backed from over 15,000 sources. The Swedish platform also has a content moderation team that translates writings into more than 20 languages. Besides that, it also offers a feature where you can upload a client’s review to its website from an external source.

6. Angie’s List

It’s one of those rarest ratings & review platforms where you have to pay the price to review companies. The reviews on Angie’s List are well put by buyers and experts who have had experienced the specific product or service they’re reviewing. The best part of Angie’s List includes its anti-counterfeiting review feature. You cannot post a review anonymously, which ensures review authenticity. Despite paying a subscription service fee, listing your company on the platform is free. Moreover, Angie’s List act as an intermediator between the seller and buyer to help resolve the issue.  

7. eKomi

eKomi is a unique and innovative reviewing platform for SaaS solutions similar to TrustPilot. It gathers reviews of products and customer’s critical analysis into one place. Company owners can place eKomi reviews on their websites by using a widget. eKomi collects reviews in various ways. It gathers them from banners, pop-ups, email messages, SMS, and physical stores.


The internet is a vast domain now, just like our real world. It has all the basics and carries our human lives go through regularly. Correspondingly, we can buy countless products and services directly from the comforts of our homes. It’s the primary reason why ratings and review tools exist. They give us an insight and intuitive perspective about products in advance.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are a few more popular R&R platforms widely accepted. Companies use Glassdoor to post new vacancies, where former employees can also post reviews anonymously. Feefo is an excellent review analysis tool with a dashboard to set your company’s profile where you can share thoughts on social media platforms like Facebook. The latter is a social networking platform where customers’ reviews are proportional to the likes of a company’s Facebook page.

Other big names include ConsumerReports, TripAdvisor, Bazaarvoice, Choice, Compare Camp, HubSpot’s App Marketplace, Reevoo, and FinancesOnline.

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