Can I insure the auto parts of my car?

If it is possible to insure auto parts for your car, there is a coverage called “auto parts insurance” that can be purchased as part of auto insurance.

A car is part of our heritage and as such we must take proper care of it. Unfortunately in Mexico auto parts theft happens every day but so that you are prepared for an event like these, in this article we want to tell you how you can insure your car parts.

What are auto parts?

Auto parts are those parts of your vehicle that are replaceable and are divided into two categories

● Operation
● Assembly

Generally, these parts can be replaced to keep your vehicle in optimal condition and thus avoid further wear or damage to it. They can also be changed in case you want to print your personal tastes on your car.

Why does auto parts theft happen?

Due to the high demand for auto parts in Mexico, the market has expanded by leaps and bounds, which has led to the fact that at present the automotive industry is not the only supplier of such parts, other channels have also reached the market through which they can buy parts, and among these distribution channels we find the black market.

The black market is how it is known to buy and sell stolen auto parts and the reason for its growing popularity is because on many occasions resellers offer original and good condition auto parts at a lower price.

What are the most stolen auto parts in Mexico?

According to the newspaper Milenio, these are the 5 most stolen auto parts in the country :

  1. Facias
  2. Headlights
  3. Mirrors
  4. Grill
  5. Chest

For this reason, having auto insurance that covers you in case of partial theft is a necessity since you will be protected and backed by your insurer against auto parts theft.

Does Total Theft coverage cover auto parts theft?

The Total Theft coverage, included in the Comprehensive coverage insurance, does not cover the theft of auto parts, which must be contracted separately.

However, in the event that the vehicle is stolen, and suffers damage during the theft, including auto parts theft, the insurer will cover such damages.

What options do you have to insure the auto parts of your vehicle?

To avoid future headaches and misalignments in your finances in case you are a victim of a partial car theft you must be insured. Here we show you how you can insure the auto parts of your car.

Get comprehensive auto insurance first

We know that by law every motor vehicle that circulates on federal roads in the country must have mandatory Civil Liability insurance, but did you know that you can modify your insurance coverage for greater peace of mind?

You can choose the coverages that you think are most convenient to protect your assets and protect yourself. In this case, these are the coverages that we recommend adding to your policy to be calm in case of loss of auto parts:

Second, contract the AUTO PARTS THEFT coverage from your comprehensive coverage insurance

In almost all insurers there is auto parts theft coverage, which supports you in case you are a victim of theft of parts of your vehicle and works as follows:

  • It supports you against the theft of original parts, accessories or special equipment that are installed inside or outside of your car.
  • In addition, you can have an insured sum of up to $ 25,000 and in this case the deductible will be 25%

The best thing about having this coverage is that the repair of your vehicle will be in the hands of experts since it has a network of certified workshops. As for the parts that need to be replaced, they are guaranteed to be of the best quality.

Coverage of adaptations, conversions and special equipment

This coverage works in a similar way to that of auto parts theft, however it focuses on covering those damages or losses derived from a theft of those adaptations, conversions or equipment that you have added to your car and that are not in the original model.

Usually the deductible is 20% and you would have a limited sum insured. You can add this coverage to your auto insurance for added peace of mind.

overture wheels and tires

Because tires are one of the most likely auto parts to be stolen or changed in a car, some insurance companies have designed special coverages to take care of you in case your car tires are stolen.

These coverages are subject to an insured sum and a deductible that will vary depending on the company and plan you decide to hire.