3 tips to take into account before hiring insurance.

Before hiring an insurer, consider the following tips to avoid minimizing the risks of hiring unresponsive companies.

1. Don’t make direct contracts with the insurer.

The best practice is to purchase your insurance through an independent insurance broker that works with several insurance companies. This agent will give you better options for the type of insurance you require and will not have a conflict of interest by supporting you in any eventuality to guide you on how to proceed with the insurer and could even take care of the loss.

2 . Read even the smallest print.

Remember that policy contracts are drawn up by the insurance company itself, so they put their own interests before those of the client, so read the contract carefully including the fine print and seek legal advice if necessary, for legal guidance if whether or not the contract is convenient for you in the terms that it is set out.

3. Do not take out policies on a mandatory basis.

In the case of mortgages and loans, many banks tell their clients that it is mandatory to purchase insurance from a specific company. In general, these insurers have links with the same bank, which creates a conflict of interest in case you need to use it. Before signing, consult an independent insurance professional for guidance on your rights as a consumer and bank client in these cases.