MONEY LOVE MAGIC: 3 Secrets to Loving Up Your Money and Attracting More With Ease!

Ever feel like you are working so hard for the money you make? You see other women landing big clients and leading awesome launches and think, “I want that. Why can’t I create those results?”

And then all too often, we conclude something is wrong with us… or big success is for someone else.

Consider this:

You may be subconsciously blocking yourself (and money).

How you feel, think and interact with money on a daily basis can impact your results more than any marketing strategy. The good news is you can shift this. You can uplevel your relationship with money and watch your world expand with opportunities and abundance!

Speaker Bio

Paula Onysko is a Money & Business Coach and inspiring speaker with over 15 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. She combines her corporate business background with coaching and communications expertise to help entrepreneurs create six-figure success and beyond – without burn-out or selling their soul.

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Event Location: Online Event – Zoom, United States

Contact Number: 919-615-4200

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