5 Innovative Protective Packaging Solutions: How to Ship Any Product Without Damaging It

If you are an e-commerce business owner, one of your biggest concerns might be the cost of shipping. Some people are lucky enough to get discounts with carriers. But most people cannot. The cost will always rise. So how do we ship products without damaging them and cutting them into profits? Shipping any heavy or fragile product can be a pain. Handling the package with care is paramount to protecting your investment and preventing breakage.

Protective packaging is an essential part of any company’s supply chain and helps in custom design packaging for retail. One way to ensure that your product arrives in perfect condition, no matter the destination, is through innovative protective packaging solutions.

1. Use special protective boxes for fragile items

When you are moving fragile things like jewelry, glassware, and dishes, you will want to use special boxes. These boxes have foam inserts and corners that protect them.

Make sure that you are using boxes that are easy for people to open. You can use clear plastic bags, but make sure they fit with other types of boxes.

Lastly, be sure to have your packages shipped with tracking. In this way, you will be able to tell where they are and make sure that they arrive safely. You can also see if anything is stolen from the package since it has a tracking number on it.

2. Use air pillows to protect your products from getting damaged in transit

If you want to protect your products when shipping, air pillows are a good way. These are made of plastic foam and fit inside the packaging for extra cushioning. They are lightweight so they will not add too much weight to your product or shipping costs. Air pillows can protect your products from damage during shipment because they fit snugly in the packaging.

These products designs need good shipping. They will fit inside of a can. They also have reflective material on them so they won’t glare as much when you’re looking at them.

The bright yellow “burn-zap zips” are not actually orange, they are self-destructive (yet slightly fun) typographical errors. These zippered wristbands will grow and shrink according to your wrist size. Wear these bands to keep your products safe and comfortable during shipping, to help keep them light during their travels to you, or back again. Now they are a little bit cheaper!

These durable, chew-proof, waterproof packs are good. They last a long time and keep food fresh. You can use them to take your snacks with you on the go.

Made with reusable material (water-based), these products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They’re perfect for wiping down your gadgets after each use. We chose to use biodegradable polypropylene bags, but you can also use other kinds of bags, such as plastic, glass, metal, hemp or paper alternatives that are biodegradable.

 3. Use bubble wrap to protect smaller, lightweight items against impact damage

You can use bubble wrap to protect your items. For example, you put a layer of bubble wrap between fragile items and the bottom of a box to prevent the smaller items from hitting the bottom of the box and avoid damages during shipping. But there are other options too like mica, plastic, and fiberglass that you can use for packing things more safely.

If you have high-value items, you might not want to use paper cutters to take off the bubble wrap. We have found that using a special liquid or “rubber” material on the outside of the bubble wrap can provide more long-lasting protection for your product and does not affect its surface quality.

Shelf-stable products are stable when they are on a shelf. These items stay together and don’t move around when they are in the store. Products like clear glass stay together even when it is at room temperature. Other products like gummy vitamins can be difficult to keep at room temperature because they move around too much. Fragile items can cause problems in the long run. They cost a lot of money to replace, and they are difficult to ship. When we say “shelf-stable”, we mean that something does not move on the shelf when it is packaged. Gummies are not shelf-stable because they will move around in the package when you ship them.

4. Use foam inserts to separate different types of goods within a single shipment

If you are shipping fragile products, make sure to use foam inserts. You can use them to separate different types of goods in your shipment. For example, if you are shipping a box of items with fragile contents, the inserts can provide extra padding for the contents inside. This is important because laptops are very fragile and need extra protection during transportation.

Don’t use the flimsy styrofoam peanuts. Instead, use a sheet of cardboard to protect your product. It is thicker and it is more colorful so it will look nicer. The styrofoam peanuts are what you put on electrical connectors to protect them from being broken off when they get packed up in a box with stuff inside. You can use peanuts to protect your products. When the product is flat, you do not need to use them. But when it is in a bag, then you should use them because the other ends are vulnerable so carefully check each end of your product for peanuts before sealing the bag.


When you are traveling, having a case for your products can help them stay safe if they are lost or misplaced. A travel case is the same as insurance that will keep your products safe and secure. It is also a great way to make sure that your product stays in its original shape even when it is traveling.

If you do not want styrofoam products in your boxes when they are traveling, you need to find custom printing and packaging. The following solutions are great for this. They will help protect your products and keep more of the profit with you. Shipping products can be difficult. You could use the wrong box and it may get crushed in transit. If you pack too much weight around the product, it will get crushed when they ship it to you. Also, if you forget to fill out the necessary paperwork then the mail may not deliver your package on time or at all. But there are many clever solutions that will help your package stay undamaged and arrive on time even if your product is heavy or shaped in an unusual way.