How to apply sunless bronzer

If you’re concerned about the health of your skin or if you just don’t have time to sunbathe, sunless tanner offers a great solution – quick and healthy.

Of course, you have to apply it correctly otherwise grooves and spots will appear and it will not have a natural appearance. We leave you these tricks so that you can achieve the desired results:

  1. First of all, you should make an exfoliant to remove the dead cells and once the skin is clean and dry, apply it.
  2. Use gloves to apply sunless tanner, and you don’t even have them at that time, wash your hands every five minutes to prevent the palms from taking color.
  3. Start applying it on the feet and avoid the toes, heels and sides of the foot to make it more natural. Leave your arms for the last moment and always in circular movements so as not to leave furrows.
  4. Take all the time you need to apply it and do it without haste, the success in the application will depend on the massage you give yourself when extending it, which will make it even.
  5. Try to use a format with color so that you can distinguish where you have put it and where not.
  6. Beware of ankles, knees and elbows that take on more color: to avoid this, apply a moisturizing cream beforehand to prevent all the product from being absorbed and apply less amount than on the rest of the body.
  7. For the face, try to use a specific product to avoid pimples and reactions.
  8. Apply the self-tanner also on the ears, on the nape of the neck and on the back of the ears with the excess product that remains on the hands and always massaging.
  9. In the eye contour, as in the elbows, knees and ankles, apply a little moisturizer so that it does not absorb all the product and it remains a shade lighter than the rest of the body.
  10. To finish the hands: only on the back and wash the palms very well, brushing the nails to remove the accumulated in the cuticles.

As an extra precaution if you have applied it to your face: remove any product that may have accumulated on the eyebrows and hairline.