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Are you bad at budgeting? Are you great at making but not keeping money?
You might be surprised to find out that it’s not entirely your fault if you struggle with money. Studies show that the financial habits and behaviors we see in our parents have the most impact on how we handle our finances as adults. This can even mean that bad habits are passed from generation to generation.

The good news is, the way our financial story begins is not how it has to end.

#1 I share common examples of mindsets we learn at home that impact our financial wellness as an adult.

#2 Four Words You Should NEVER Say  

#3 Small Changes Lead to Big Shifts  

#4 Resources that can help you create a better financial legacy for your family 


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Michelle is a sought after speaker who shares relatable stories and educational insights on money and Entrepreneurship. She speaks about the importance of having a clear vision, unclogged cashflow, and strategy for growth. She is also a best selling author of ‘Prosperity After Divorce’

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