What are rodenticides or rat poisons?

They are also called rodenticides, many of them are blood thinners, created from chemicals to kill rodents. Its purpose is to cause internal bleeding that produces internal bleeding and kills the animal.

Zinc phosphide is also used to release phosphide gas that damages the brain, kidneys, liver, and heart. Thallium is also another rodenticide that causes serious intoxication at the cellular level.

What to do if your child ate rat poison?

It must be ensured that the child has ingested exactly that substance since we must give part of its composition for possible treatment. If you doubt that the child has ingested such a substance, it can be observed if it contains any suspicious color in its mouth, since most of these poisons contain dyes.

Make sure that the child breathes correctly because if he is unconscious he may be short of air and will have to help him to recover it again. Must call, to the doctor or an emergency room where it can be seen by a doctor. At the Toxicological Information number (91 562 04 20) you can be advised by specialized doctors and forensics who will give the best guideline and first aid for emergency treatment.