What accessories should a rat cage have?

Rats are very curious and intelligent, so they need to have an environment rich in stimuli, which is interesting and cheerful. You can achieve this by placing toys for rodents, birds (that are resistant), or cats if possible things that invite to be discovered. It is also good to put tunnels, caves, boxes, pieces of clothhammocks, stairs, shelves, and everything your imagination dictates. It’s fun to “redecorate” and change the toys in the rat cage from time to time to keep interested going. You will see how you also entertain yourself doing this and seeing how your pet enjoys it. As you spend more time observing her, you will realize what things she likes best.

As for accessories for the cage, you will need a dropper bottle so that the water is clean and fresh all the time. Water dishes are not a good alternative, as they quickly get dirty or tip over. For food, the best is a small container, so that they cannot get inside and get dirty, and made of a material resistant to their powerful teeth. The ceramic ones are a good option since they cannot gnaw on them and they do not tip over as easily because they are heavy. In the cage for rats, you should also place a house to sleep, which can be made of cardboard, wood, PVC, or any material that is not toxic. You can find a great variety in Tíanimal.

As a material for nest-appropriate paper napkins and handkerchiefs rats to break into small pieces. Some rats really enjoy exercise wheels, which should be no less than 23 cm in diameter.