Ways to Regain Confidence After Failing a Competitive Exam

Candidates preparing for competitive exams need to know that failure is not a curse. It is an inevitable thing that we face after trying to do something different. For sure, failure can stir up frustration and an unflappable feeling that you’ll be void of happiness for your whole life. Remember, these feelings are temporary and you can always emerge gracefully. Also, failing a competitive exam doesn’t define your intelligence. It simply means you need to use another strategy for competitive exam preparation. Thus, accepting failure can push you one step forward for achieving your desirable goals. Failures can help you grow mentally. Also, you will become strong enough to face hurdles in your life with an optimistic attitude.

Note that failing in an exam doesn’t mean you will fail in it again. You just need to make changes in your study plan to crack the competitive exam. Most youngsters appear for bank, SSC, UPSC, or defence exams. Some of them are able to clear these exams on their first attempt. But, some clear in their second or third attempt. So, if you have failed a banking exam once, you can start your preparation for upcoming bank exams with full enthusiasm. Start preparing for the exam once again with the help of a reliable institute that can provide bank coaching in Jalandhar. Is it tough for you to regain confidence after failing an exam? If yes, then read this article to know some magical tips that can help you feel confident after failing in an exam.

Here are some soulful tips for candidates to regain confidence after failing a competitive exam:

Accept your mistakes

Why did you fail the exam? The reason is you made some silly mistakes while preparing for the exam. Sit peacefully and review your preparation period. See where you made mistakes. Did you make mistakes while making a timetable or you were not able to abide by it? Analyze where you were lacking and make sure you will not make the same mistakes again. Note that you can always alter your study plans to prepare for the exam. Also, never try to copy others. Make a study plan that is suitable for you.

Sweat out your emotions

Exercising can aid in removing frustration and grief of exam failure. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety. So, spare at least an hour in a day to do exercise. For sure, it can help you feel light and lively once again. Use this positive energy to start your exam preparations once again. Make sure you are studying for the exam this time with more determination and focus.

Avoid naysayers

Once you’ll fail, you’ll come across some toxic people who can make you feel more miserable. So, try to avoid coming in contact with such people. Believe in yourself and work harder to achieve your goals. Never let anyone dim your spark to prepare for the exam. Instead, keep reminding yourself that you are capable of achieving everything you aimed for. Your optimistic mindset can help you regain confidence and face naysayers.

Spend time with someone who makes you feel good

There will be some people in your life who can make you feel good. They can be your close friends or family members. So, spend some time with them. Tell them about your worries and stress. For sure, they can help you to sail through this negative situation with their support. You can plan a trip with your friends. This trip can aid in rejuvenating your mind. As a result, you can start your exam preparation once again with a fresh mind.

Practice self-love

Many candidates start underestimating themselves after facing a failure. Note that self-loathing can drain your energy and make you a negative person. So, give yourself another chance and start exam preparations. Give yourself a pep talk everyday. Keep reminding yourself that you can crack the exam this time. Never let negative people distract you from working hard for your goals. Be clear in your mind, why are you preparing for the exams and what you will get after cracking the exam. So, pay no heed to what others are saying and keep doing what’s best for you.

Make a solid study plan

It is impossible to change your past. But, your future is in your hands. So, try to make a solid study plan for your next attempt. Let us tell you that making a study plan is necessary if you want to crack exams like SBI PO, SSC CGL, IBPS Clerk etc. Note that making a timetable is not enough, you need to follow it religiously. Also, avoid procrastinating while preparing for the exam. We would suggest you complete the exam syllabus as early as possible. Leave enough time for exam revision and for practicing mock tests. It can help you crack the exam easily. As a result, you’ll be able to get the government job of your dreams.


Failures can help you move toward your goals more strategically. So, never let failures dishearten you. Try to regain your confidence by adhering to the tips mentioned above. For sure, it can help you feel positive once again and prepare for the exam effectively.