How to customize emails in Marketing Cloud Content Builder

Content Builder de Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a good tool with a simple interface that allows you to create and manage content across channels. In addition, it also allows organizing the necessary materials for the development of the pieces, which it changes the way you build content for emails. In this article we teach you how to customize your emails in Marketing Cloud Content Builder.

Types of content that we can create in Content Builder

Inside Content Builder we can create two types of content:

  • static content which does not change for any reason, such as the company logo or the link to the social networks that we include in the footer.
  • Dynamic or individualized content which takes different values ​​according to the data found in the date extension or the list at the time of submission, for example, the name of the person or a specific content related to their interests.

Con Contact Builder you can create dynamic content without being an HTML expert. It gives us the possibility add dynamic content blocks to our template and definer the rules and content for each of the audiences. In addition, to Before launching the shipment, we will have the opportunity to review each of the variants in the “testing”.

Types of professionalization of the content of your emails in Content Builder

Inside of Content Builder tool we can find three types of professionalization:

  • Professionalization strings
  • Dynamic content
  • AMPscript

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Professionalization strings

Insert personalized user content in the header, the preheader or the email content itself. can be included within the HTML or within the text module if we are creating or modifying textual content directly on the platform. The customizable value will be displayed between 2 percentage signs, for example %%firstname_%%. If we want to customize more than one attribute, it will be necessary to leave a space between them, for example, %%firstname_%% %%lastname_%%. If we do not have subscriber information to fill in this field, it will appear empty by default, unless we have configured a default value.

Code snippets with Marketing Cloud

Dynamic content

Allows define the content according to certain attributes or previously established criteria, making the information sent to subscribers much more relevant. The result is showing different content blocks according to the rules that have been defined, based on the attributes of the subscriber, or the values ​​found in the Data Extension.

Create content blocks with Content Builder


Uses a encrypted language to embed content within HTML emails, Landing Page, SMS or push notifications. Although AMPscript uses basic programming concepts, it is not necessary to understand code to be able to use its functions in emails. Some examples that we can use AMPscript for is to personalize email messages using contact or subscriber data, or to create highly dynamic complex email messages using conditional logic.

AMPscript, the Marketing Cloud programming language, allows you to define specific content based on almost all demographic data, behavior, purchases… available in your Data Extensions.

Now that we know the theory, do you dare to practice? Go one step further and Start customizing the content of your emails easily.