Gmail Clipping: What it is and how it affects your email marketing strategy

The Gmail email server clips emails that are larger than 102kb, preventing you from seeing the full layout and hiding the content via the “View full message” link. In addition, the tracking of indicators such as clicks and opens is affected. In this article we explain better what is Gmail clipping and how it affects your email marketing strategy.

When an email creative exceeds 102kb servers like Gmail clip the content, indicating that the message has been cut and forcing you to click on the link to see the full content. The above means that when contacts receive an email they will not see the entire body of the messagethe blocks with calls to action, the footer, nor the preferences or unsubscribe link.

How are email marketing results affected?

  • If an email looks incomplete there are several risks, the first is that contacts will not read all the information, which can cause discomfort, confusion, complaints and even affect the trust and credibility of your business. Remember that your contacts do not know that your email has been cut, they comply with you for sending an incomplete or inconsistent message. Consequently, over time it can affect your level of engagement and loyalty.
  • The second risk is that can negatively affect delivery indicators. your contacts they will not have the possibility to modify their preferences or interests because these sections are usually included in the footer of emails, hence they will have no choice but to mark your mail as spam. If they were to click on “See the complete message”, they will have spent more time, therefore, they are more likely to unsubscribe.
  • Another risk is that prevents your messages from spreading easily. Clicking on “See the complete message” will redirect you to a new tab in which you will lose the ability to easily share, forward, or delete the message. In addition, the experience of your contacts will be affectedas the link creates an extra step that could be avoided with an intuitive design and smart email navigation strategy.
  • One aspect that is also very important is that not only the content is cut, but also the tracking code or “taggeo” that at the time of launching a campaign allows to determine if an email was opened or not and on which banner or section has been clickedwhich will directly affect and distort the results of your campaigns and the fulfillment of your indicators.

Clipping en marketing cloud

How to avoid clipping in my emails?

Next, we mention different alternatives you can use to prevent your messages from being clipped by an email server:

Add calls to action

Insert calls to action at the beginning of emails or use see or read more links, this will prevent you from adding too much text and you will be able to accurately measure your results

Synthesize the content

Images don’t increase the size of your email, so replace excess text with engaging, interactive visuals

Remove formatting when copying texts

When taking texts from an external source, copy and choose the option paste as plain text to avoid adding hidden formatting codes that increase the size of your email

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Avoid over-formatting

Using multiple font styles, sizes, colors, highlights, etc., increases the size of the code, so maintains a constant style highlighting the essentials

Use support elements

If it is necessary to include a lot of information it is necessary rely on elements such as bulleted lists, enumerations, step by step, infographicsor any other alternative that displays the data in a more summarized and friendly way

Review code structure

If the layout is done and you can’t shrink the content further, there are probably unnecessary carriage returns, styles, attributes, or conditions in your code, a great alternative is “minify the code”, there are multiple sites on the internet that are responsible for optimizing the code eliminating the unnecessary.

Now that you know the impact of clipping is essential that you develop concise and effective campaignsthis does not mean simplifying the visual content or reducing the information, on the contrary, it is about find the balance between engaging content and truly useful and relevant information. If you want to know more or still have doubts, in MarketiNet we give support in the daily management of our clients’ email marketing, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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